KAMU medicine search

Doping classifications of medication

The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports’ (FINCIS) KAMU medicine search is based on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Prohibited list 2021, according to which substances are classified as prohibited substances, substances prohibited under certain conditions and permitted substances. In addition to WADA’s list, some international sports federations have prohibited other substances in their own rules. Such possible additional prohibited substances found in the rules of these federations are not included in the classification in the KAMU medicine search.

In the medicine search, you can only check prescription medication and over-the-counter medicines available in Finland. The medicine search does not include products requiring a special permit. If the searched medication is not found, users should contact Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS).

When checking the product, check that the route of administration corresponds with the searched product. The medicine search includes products of the same name with different routes of administration, e.g. tablet or cream. One of these may be allowed and the other prohibited. Medication may contain several active ingredients that have different doping classifications. If the medication contains even one prohibited active ingredient, the medication is prohibited. The footnotes contain detailed information.

In Finland and other countries, medication may be available with the same name but containing different pharmacological substances. For this reason, the permissibility of any medicine obtained abroad must not be checked in the KAMU medicine search. Technochemical products, homeopathic preparations, nutritional supplements and natural health products are excluded. The composition of such products must be ascertained from the vendor or importer. Request a certificate verifying that the products do not contain any substances that will cause an adverse analytical finding. In some cases, nutritional supplements may contain prohibited substances even if they are not mentioned in the list of ingredients.

It’s good to bear in mind that the athletes themselves are always responsible for the preparations they use.